Belize Chocolate Company

Art bar 70% dark


Art fuels the imagination, nurtures creativity, and fosters empathy, shaping school children into thoughtful, innovative, and compassionate members of society. Our new packaging incorporates the artwork of some of our talented Belizean artists.  A percentage of every bar sold will be donated to art and school supplies for the school children of Belize

This beautiful painting of the Jaguar, the national animal of Belize, is the work of Papo. You can find out more about him on the inside of the package and find his artwork all over Belize.

For the 70% dark bar, we start with locally sourced organic cacao beans from Maya Mountain Cacao and small family farms in southern Belize.  We roast and grind these beans to make chocolate liquor. We press our own cocoa butter from these beans and add this back into the chocolate liquor together with Belizean cane sugar from the Orange Walk district of Belize, to create this delicious single-origin bar.

Tasting notes:  Raisins, caramel, cherry

Ingredients: Organic Belizean cacao, Belizean cane sugar.

Shipping :

Due to high temperatures we are unable to ship internationally from March to October.

International shipping is via the Belize and US postal service. There are two options for you to choose from

  • 5-day express shipping
  • 10-20 days standard international shipping.  

Shipping rates are calculated at checkout.




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