Christmas is a coming on fast! Our chocolate gift guide for Christmas and beyond.

Where,oh where has 2020 gone? It seems like only yesterday that we were decorating with our "Santa down the chimney" shop window display for December 2019. Can't believe that we are suddenly, frantically looking for our sea anemome Christmas baubles, which seem to have been misplaced in a box somewhere, as a quick fix for our window this year.

Let's be honest this year has been really hard. Two lockdowns, airport closure for seven months, having to let most of our seventeen employees go because with no business it was impossible to sustain them, or for them to survive on the island, which is expensive at the best of times and an impossibility at the worst.

But it's Christmas again already, and the island has had a tiny injection of cash from the return of the snowbirds and some daring tourists, who were only too keen to return to an island where they can reconnect with the people they know and love. We are beginning to feel a tiny bit positive. So let's bring some love, joy and chocolate to the season.

Here are some of our Christmas specials and suggestions for this year.  

Firstly, the Gud Mawnin Belize Box - $65BZ .This box is available in both a chocolate tea version #1 and a chocolate coffee version #2. Also in the spirit of giving, we will be donating a chocolate treat box to a family in need, for every purchase of the Gud Mawnin Box (while stocks last.)

Hot fudge sauce $25BZ- who doesnt love a chocolatey, fudgey sauce to pour all over their icecream or eat from the jar by the spoonful?

Christmas window box $20 contains ten christmas shapes in dark, milk and white chocolate.

Chocolate spa box $85BZ for that ultimate evening, or afternoon, or just about any time. Chocolate mint soap, chocolate mint body scrub, chocolate oil for a romantic massage, cocoa butter for moisturizing your skin, a tealight for atmosphere ,and finally some mint thins to finish off the delicious experience.  Ahhh. Now you are all relaxed. 

DIY chocolate box $45BZ for the person in your life who likes to make stuff.  Our chocolate brownie mix, hot chocolate mix with mug, whisk and apron. Throw in a "Make your own chocolate kit" for an extra $20BZ

Belize Box Christmas collection $50BZ - all your usual favorites with the addition of a mint caramel in dark chocolate, a gingerbread ganache in milk chocolate and a white chocolate and cranberry ganache

Chocolate  covered spoon $3BZ - this little gem makes a great little stocking stuffer, or hang it on your tree! Add to any hot drink for an extra chocolate dimension

And not to let the opportunity of the TikTok phenomenom pass us by, we have the Santa Hot Chocolate Bomb $25BZ (comes with mug.)



If nothing here takes your fancy we have a selection of christmas boxes that you can fill with whatever does take your fancy! 


And if all else fails we have gift cards.

Happy Shopping!

Please note that everything here is made to order, so allow at least seven days for make up and delivery (within Belize only.)



Hi, I was on vacation in San Pedro in October. I visited your store and bought the Belize gift box for a friend and was excited to see that on this box it stated you could order from the company on line. Today I was looking to order the same gift box and see it cannot be shipped outside of Belize. Any chances this will change for the upcoming Christmas holiday? My friend really enjoyed the chocolates!

Thank you,
Christy Payne

Christy Payne March 02, 2022

I enjoyed visiting your shop several times when I was in Belize the last week in October. I love the atmosphere, the friendly employees, the iced coffee, and of course the chocolate. I would like to order some of your products for Christmas. How far in advance should I order to get them shipped to US? Thanks again for a great experience in Belize.

vicki hayes March 02, 2022

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