Belize Chocolate Company

Cacao loose leaf tea ( sold in packs of 3)


 Belize Chocolate Company's 100% organic cacao tea is made from 100% shells of cacao beans. Steep in water like a regular herbal tea to produce a light, flavored tea with a hint of chocolate. Delicious hot, with or without sugar and milk, or cold over ice.

This delicious drink offers all the health benefits of dark chocolate without sugar. High levels of antioxidants, magnesium, zinc, minerals, and vitamins, with less caffeine than green tea. Get your chocolate fix without the guilt.

This bundle is 3 x 4oz loose leaf size.

Order online and we will ship you a delicious piece of Belize

Shipping :

International shipping is via the Belize and US postal service. In normal times there are two options

  • 5 day express shipping
  • 10-15 day standard international shipping.  

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