Do it for love!

The new year always brings new resolutions. Over the last few years, as a company, we have tried to do our bit for our environment. We no longer serve plastic straws to customers, and we encourage re-usable bags.This year we are making a conscious effort to use less plastic.


Living on the beach and taking daily walks along it with our two dogs, Buster and Scrappy (and even our cat, Avery, who sometimes tags along), we come across so much garbage: from bottles to bottle tops, toothbrushes, flipflops, styrofoam (so much styrofoam), and lots and lots of plastic!

Last year, the garbage didn’t seem so bad. Possibly with the lack of cruise ship tourism, the sea got a bit of a well-deserved break from the ravages of us humans. However, once hurricane season hit, with it came tremendous flooding of areas in Central America, and the garbage became horrendous.

Our window display has always been a source of much fun and creativity but we rack our brains every month to switch it up and find something new, original and relevant. We have always admired the artists from and so between us, we came up with the idea of using beach garbage to make our window display.

The first one was our Christmas window. It was all a bit of a rush, but we pulled it off a couple of days before 25th and took it into the New Year.

As any chocolate maker/chocolatier will know the holidays and the Hallmark holidays provide us with great marketing opportunities to sell chocolate. We wanted to make something that represented our resolution but also brought attention to our products for the upcoming day of love.

Chris just completed our Valentine's window; a heart made with wire mesh and glued with all the red,purple, and pink plastic that we found on the beach over the last couple of days! 

We are hoping that, as well as alerting customers to our Valentine's chocolate wares, we will inspire people to think twice about using plastic, and also think about where they throw it (Please not the beach!)

Hopefully it will also motivate people to pick up garbage on a regular basis. 

Already, Diana, one of our regular customers, was so inspired she decided to pick up a bag of garbage every day before coming to have her chocolate milkshake at the shop.

Stay tuned for our chocolate Valentine's specials and also for our next garbage window.

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