What its like to be a chocolate makers son

Hi my name is Noah, Im eleven years old, and this is what is like to be a chocolate makers son

I"m the one on the right

I”m the one on the right

I can kind of remember that at the age of four I went to my first chocolate festival. There was Belizean folk music and people were drinking, eating and having a great time. Most of the people who came to eat and buy chocolate were tourists. At that point I was a little bit too small to help out so my dad brought Abi one of our workers to set up with him. He brought me along to see what a chocolate festival is like.

Me Age 4 Chief Chocolate Packer

Ever since my dad has brought me to almost every single one. At age six my mum, dad and I went out on our stiletto sailboat and my dad told me that he had made chocolate syrup by playing around with stuff. We then named it Noah Boah’s Chocolate Syrup(after me!) and had to design a logo for it. My dad was doodling fish and a birthday cake. My mum thought it was a stroke of brilliance and said we should put those doodles on the logo. My dad and I JUST had to agree with that.

My first memory of going to a cacao farm was about when I was six. I was walking around when I saw a purplish papaya thing. I looked around and there were dozens of them!

What thats almost as big as me

What? That’s almost as big as me!

They were all different colors too! Red, green, yellow, orange and of course purple.

Mr Tush walked up to the tree and used his machete to cut a pod off. He then went over to a log and chopped the pod in half using the log as a chopping board .He came over to me and offered me half of the pod.

Let's take a look inside

Let’s take a look inside

I took it and didn’t know what to do with it. My dad said I was supposed to suck the whitish stuff(the pulp)off of it. I expected it to taste like soursop. The taste was like nothing I’ve ever tasted! It tasted sweet but yet maintaining the balance between bitter and sweet.

Ooooohh whats that?

This reminds me of the time when my dad came to my school and did a chocolate making program with my class and let us suck the pulp off the bean and took us through the chocolate making process. My class and I all wrote thank you letters to my dad so he got them framed and put them up in the bathroom at the shop which you should take a look at. My dad did this three years ago when I was eight. A year later for my ninth birthday my mum and dad organized a chocolate party and I have to say it was the best one yet. I invited my whole class with a golden ticket inside a chocolate bar. There was a chocolate fountain with strawberries, pineapple, melon and banana. There were platters of sausage rolls,cookies,brownies and cheesecake.We played games like the hat game,pass the parcel,the chocolate game and a chocolate relay race.

Having lots of fun with my friends

Having lots of fun with my friends

The truth is (which you probably already guessed)that being a chocolate maker’s and a chocolatier’s  son is awesome!I am so lucky  that my parents still have time for me even though they have a lot going on.
Thank you for reading and listening.