Single Chocolates

All our chocolates are hand-made and hand dipped daily.
We use our 70% dark Kakaw belizean chocolate and our Belize Chocolate Company milk and white chocolate

  • Pink Champagne Truffle

    Pink Champagne Truffle

    Pink Champagne Truffle – a decadent ganache made with a mix of dark and milk, cream, butter, champagne and cognac

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  • Coconut Truffle

    Coconut Truffle

    Coconut Truffle – made with coconuts from our palm trees mixed with white chocolate, dipped in milk chocolate and rolled…

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  • Island Crunch

    Island Crunch

    Island Crunch – one of our best sellers, golden honeycomb or as some people call it ‘seafoam’ dipped in either…

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  • Banana Caramel

    Banana Caramel

    Banana Caramel – Belizean bananas steeped in cream are used to make this delicious caramel, dipped in milk chocolate

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  • Single shell

    Single shell

    Single Shell – a shell shape made with Kakaw 70% dark chocolate.  Can be made in milk or white.

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  • Single Square Shape

    Single Square Shape

    Single Square Shape – in dark, milk ,white chocolate

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  • Cashew Praline

    Cashew Praline

    Cashew Praline – cashew praline made with local Belizean cashews ground into a paste, mixed with sugar and chocolate inside…

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  • Double Hearts

    Double Hearts

    Double Hearts – perfect for weddings, Valentines, for anyone you love, a double heart shape in dark, milk or white…

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  • Single Heart

    Single Heart

    Single Heart – Heart shape in dark, milk or white chocolate.

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