These are just a few of our products, made in San Pedro by great staff at Belize Chocolate Company using Belizean cacao. All are available in the store in San Pedro, some we have available for online purchase (those with a price in the description). Click on the Red description text to link to our online store.
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  • Marshmallow


    Handcrafted fluffy marshmallow dipped in milk or dark chocolate

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  • Maya Temple

    Maya Temple

    Dark chocolate shell filled with white chocolate and coconut rum ganache

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  • Sea Salt Caramel

    Sea Salt Caramel

    Our creamy caramel dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt

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  • Almond Rocher

    Almond Rocher

    Slithers of crytsallised almonds dipped in our signature Kakaw 70% chocolate. Gluten free

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  • House Truffle

    House Truffle

    House Truffle – made with our signature 70% kakaw Belizean chocolate, cream and butter.  Decadent.

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  • Peanut Butter

    Peanut Butter

    Peanut Butter – locally made peanut butter in a dark or milk shell.

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  • Rum Raisin

    Rum Raisin

    Rum Raisin – Belizean rum mixed with cream, dark chocolate and raisins.

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  • Pink Champagne Truffle

    Pink Champagne Truffle

    Pink Champagne Truffle – a decadent ganache made with a mix of dark and milk, cream, butter, champagne and cognac

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  • Coconut Truffle

    Coconut Truffle

    Coconut Truffle – made with coconuts from our palm trees mixed with white chocolate, dipped in milk chocolate and rolled…

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  • Island Crunch

    Island Crunch

    Island Crunch – one of our best sellers, golden honeycomb or as some people call it ‘seafoam’ dipped in either…

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  • Banana Caramel

    Banana Caramel

    Banana Caramel – Belizean bananas steeped in cream are used to make this delicious caramel, dipped in milk chocolate

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  • Chocolate/Orange Body Butter

    Chocolate/Orange Body Butter

    Whipped chocolate/orange Body Butter – Our cold-pressed organic cocoa butter is whipped with organic coconut oil and orange to produce…

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