Chocolate Menu

All our drinks, treats & desserts are made using our signature Kakaw Belizean chocolate which is handcrafted using organic and fairtrade cacao beans grown in southern Belize


Chocolate milkshake – Chocolate and milk blended with ice. $10bz
Chocolate banana milkshake $10bz
Chocolate strawberry milkshake $10bz
Iced coffee – cold pressed $8bz
Iced chocolate tea $5bz
Milk and Cookie – a glass of cold milk with a choc chip cookie $9bz
Chocochino – coffee, chocolate, milk, ice blended $10bz
Chocolate coconut water – refreshing and re-hydrating $6bz
Bottle of water $2bz



Chocolate tea $5bz
Coffee – French press $8bz
Chocolate coffee – cacao nibs and coffee French press $8bz
HOT CHOCOLATE – dark milk or chili please specify $10bz
HOT COCOA – made with our cocoa powder so less rich $7bz



Chocolate Chip Cookies $4bz
Cookie bags $6bz
Brownies $3.50
Blondies (only on Friday)  



Chocolate cheesecake $5bz
Chocolate torte $5bz
Chocolate salami $4bz