Kakaw Belizean Chocolate – every bean every bar born in Belize, is our signature chocolate and the major ingredient in most of our products

  • Brownie Mix

    Brownie Mix

    $19bz ($9.50US) BCC Brownie Mix – includes all the dry ingredients you need to make great Belizean Brownies. The same…

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  • Organic Cocoa Butter

    Organic Cocoa Butter

    3.8oz Organic natural cocoa butter – Pressed from organic Belizean Cacao beans using our 1970’s Italian cocoa butter press. Wonderful…

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  • Cacao Nibs 2oz

    Cacao Nibs 2oz

    $8zb ($4US) 2oz Belizean Roasted Cacao Nibs. From Organic Cacao beans grown in Southern Belize and roasted, winnowed and packaged…

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  • Cacao Beans 8oz

    Cacao Beans 8oz

    $15 bz ($7.50USD) 8oz Cacao beans Hand selected from small farms in Southern Belize. Sorted, roasted and packaged on Ambergris…

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  • Burnt Caramel

    Burnt Caramel

    Delicious dark chocolate ganache made with burnt caramel infused cream and 70% kakaw belizean chocolate

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  • Cashew


    Roasted local belizean cashew clusters dipped in 70% kakaw belizean chocolate

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