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Egg-citing Easter

As a child growing up in England, I remember Easter being just as exciting as Christmas. We didn't believe in the Easter Bunny, but we always got a bunch of chocolate Easter eggs on Easter Sunday. The eggs were usually wrapped in brightly colored foil, the shell was made of milk chocolate with a "crocodile"…
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For the love of chocolate

  I wasn’t really ever a chocolate eater or lover of chocolate I prefer savory stuff, not sweet.  My favorite food is mashed potato with lots and lots of butter. So when we started experimenting with chocolate way back when, it was not really love at first sight. For Chris is was a different matter.…
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What its like to be a chocolate makers son

Hi my name is Noah, Im eleven years old, and this is what is like to be a chocolate makers son [caption id="attachment_2288" align="aligncenter" width="300"] I"m the one on the right[/caption] I can kind of remember that at the age of four I went to my first chocolate festival. There was Belizean folk music and…
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