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Brownie Mix

$19bz ($9.50US) BCC Brownie Mix - includes all the dry ingredients you need to make great Belizean Brownies. The same as the ones you ate in the Boutique, looking out over the Caribbean sea. Mixing and baking instructions provided on the label. Ingredients not included oil and eggs. Makes 1 pan or 16 brownies.
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Noah Boah’s Chocolate Syrup

Named after our son Noah, this chocolate syrup is preservative free. Delicious on pancakes, icecream and just about anything. It is a healthy alternative to other syrups on the market.  As it is preservative free it should be refrigerated
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Organic Cocoa Butter

3.8oz Organic natural cocoa butter - Pressed from organic Belizean Cacao beans using our 1970's Italian cocoa butter press. Wonderful for skin and hair. Its pure cocoa butter so solid at room temperature, it will warm and melt easily in your hands.
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